Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a setup fee or additional charges?

No. We will only charge the monthly recurring payment or one time fee and this will include everything for the plan.

How much is the renewal fee?

The renewal fee is RM350 per year and starts to pay from the third year onwards. This includes domain and web hosting renewal fees.

After the initial publication, can I request for any changes?

Yes, but it will be charged accordingly if it is not an existing issue/bug or minor update such as changing the button colour or altering the product details.

How can I make sure the website design is aligned with my expectation?

After providing all the details required, our designer will create a prototype within 5-10 working days for you for checking. You can request any amendments within 7 working days and only 2 revision requests are allowed. Any additional revision requests will be charged accordingly. Furthermore, We will assume the client is satisfied and publish the site directly if we get no feedback from the client within 7 working days.

How can I help out with the website creation process?

Once the payment is made, our consultant will make a call to you to understand your business within 5 business days. Throughout the process, the consultant will request you to fill up distinct forms to help out in visualizing the expected website.

When my website will be published?

After the website draft is completed, your website will be published within 20 working days. Please note that any amendment at this stage is not allowed.

What if I wish to migrate my site to another service provider?

Yes. But we will reserve the right to keep all the frontend design and backend code. However, the user can request to migrate the user data from our site such as order history, customer information etc.

What if I didn’t pay the monthly fees on time?

We will accept four weeks grace period for any late payment. After that, we will reserve the right to take down the site anytime until the payment is completed.

Can I cancel my plan anytime?

Yes. You can cancel the plan anytime but any payment made will not be refunded. Please note that the website will also be taken down immediately and we will own the domain name until it is expired.

Can I edit or update the code myself?

No. All the code, the design will be handled by our developer team to avoid fatal errors that will cause the website to not work properly.