About us


We are providing IT solutions to help the client to create or extend software such as website, mobile application and desktop software from the design phase all the way down to the deployment phase. Furthermore, we also realize that the trend of seeking for IT Solution Company/Offshore Development Team to cope with a spike project demand is continuously rising. We are looking forward to keep growing our business to provide the best IT Solutions around the globe.


Backspace is a partnership company that specializing in providing IT Solutions mainly in both Malaysia and Australia region. This company is created by a group of IT Engineers having the same goal decided to form a company which is to bring in technology into the businesses in order to help them grow.

· Meet Our Team ·

Kenny Tan Sze Ken

Kenny is a returnee from Australia who possesses a Bachelor of Degree in Software Development with University of South Australia. He has been working with Transaction Network Service (Advam) to provide carparking services for the airports around the globe and awarded as the Best Employee of the Month.

Chee Quan Liaw

Chee is a graduand from University of South Australia and completed Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Development). He is endowed with programming skill sets in C#, JavaScript, HTML and Xamarin. He has been in IT field for more than two years and developed myriads of websites and mobile applications.