Space Pass System

Platform: Android/IOS and Website
Component: Admin Panel + Tablet App
Languages: React Native, Node JS Express
Purpose: Digitalize warehouse system by making it faster, simpler and better.
Status: Completed

Main Functionalities:

  • Record Vehicle Number In/Out.
  • Track Gatepass and Entry Records.
  • Signature Feature.
  • Multiple Language Support (Thai, English)
  • Report and Chart to visualize the business statistic.
  • Able to store Images such as (Proof of goods)

Space Loyalty App

Platform: Android/IOS
Component: Mobile and Table App
Languages: React Native, Node JS Express
Purpose: Encourage loyalty among customers to provide rebate, rewards through the system for every single topup.
Status: Ongoing

Main Functionalities:

  • Able to top up online using Online Banking, Credit Card etc.
  • Convert top up credits into points.
  • Claim rewards with points.

Customer Relationship System (CRM)

Platform: PWA and Website
Component: ASP.Net Core (C#), Javascript, CSS, HTML
Purpose: Allow the customer to manage their Trading Account by using the system to top up, connect to external API etc.
Status: Ongoing Maintenance

Main Functionalities:

  • Can manage their multiple trading accounts.
  • Able to top up their account using Credit Card, Online Banking etc.
  • Admin can manage their own trading customers to check their details such as balance etc.

WordPress Website

Platform: Website (E-Commerce & Professional Website)
Component: WordPress and PHP
Purpose: Create or redesign website for customer to sell their products or services online.
Status: Completed
Total Websites: 8 (Ongoing 2)

Main Functionalities:

  • Allow the customers to buy the products online.
  • Showcase the services or portfolio.
  • Gain online branding exposure by optimizing website traffic.